The long weekend has already begun, but some people are still working. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among them, as he gave another daily address on Saturday. However, he appeared ready to start his weekend like everyone else, keeping it short and refusing to repeat himself.

During his May 16 address, Trudeau announced an increase to the Canada Child Benefit. In addition to an extra $300 per child, the benefit itself is being increased to keep up with the cost of living.

While taking questions from reporters, Trudeau was asked in French about the benefit.

He responded in French as well, providing the information he had already given during his remarks.

However, rather than repeating his answer in English, he simply said, "I said it during the speech in English," before heading back into Rideau Cottage with a smile on his face.

This response appeared to make someone in the audience laugh loud enough to get picked up on the live feed before it ended.

The daily address was slightly shorter than normal, and Trudeau was also rocking a much more casual outfit, complete with jeans and comfortable shoes.

Considering he made this address on the Saturday of the Victoria Day long weekend, it's possible that he just wanted to get started on his own time off.

During the same address, Trudeau made the announcement that Health Canada had approved the country's first clinical trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

"Research and development take time and must be done right but this is encouraging news," the Prime Minister said."

Other politicians were getting their long weekends started as well. Premier Doug Ford shared a recipe for his cherry cheesecake on Twitter.

However, it raised questions about whether he was properly social distancing or not.

For people who might have been upset about missing out on the usual activities, it might comfort them to know that this Victoria Day weekend is going to be a rainy one.

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