Earlier this week, an eight-year-old Quebec girl was kidnapped and tied up in a car for so long that an Amber Alert was almost issued. According to local authorities, the daughter was reported missing by her mother, who claimed she did not show up for school. Police have since arrested the suspect. 

On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, a mother of an eight-year-old girl reported her daughter missing at around 7 AM. According to local police, she was kidnapped in the Vimont neighbourhood in Laval, Quebec. 

The Journal de Montréal reported that the mother immediately sought out police help who began looking for the suspect.

Police were reportedly conducting one last search before issuing an Amber Alert when they headed to the location of the suspects home. They were able to locate the girl who has been tied up in the back of a car at a residence in Beloeil. 

The suspect in question allegedly forced the child into their car while wearing a wig and holding a small dog. According to The Star, the girl was found tied up but unharmed in the back seat of the suspect's car. 

The tweet above translated reads, " [Young girl found] The police service of Laval wishes to inform the public that a young girl who disappeared this morning in the Auteil borough was found in good health. Thank you for your collaboration.”

The girl was found safe by police around 90 minutes after she was reported missing. Local authorities have taken this time to remind people that this was an isolated incident and had nothing to do with a potential predator. 

The tweet above translates to, "[Found girl] Our officers responded quickly by working jointly with the Régie intermunicipal police of Richelieu-Saint-Laurent. Remember that this story is isolated and has no connection with a potential predator on our territory. A happy ending!"

A woman has since been charged with the kidnapping of the eight-year-old Quebec girl. The 54-year-old woman appeared in a Laval courtroom on charges including unlawful confinement, kidnapping, and disguise with intent. 

The Star has reported that the suspect knew the girl and approached her in the vehicle on the way to school Tuesday morning. 

Source: MTL Blog 

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