If Canada has not already had enough shark-related scares this week, scientists have now tracked a giant 431 pound great white shark heading closer and closer towards Quebec, for the first time in recorded history! The shark, who has been tagged by researchers since February, started his journey in the USA, but has since been making his way slowly but surely towards the Canadian province of Quebec, leading researchers to believe he could be heading for the mainland.

Despite his scary appearance, the shark is known to researchers as ‘Brunswick,’ and was first tagged earlier this year. According to Ocearch, the non-profit that administered Brunswick’s chip, he started his journey in Brunswick, Georgia, before he began traveling north, heading towards Canadian waters.

Last month, Brunswick made headlines in Canada for reaching the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence, a few kilometres off the coast of les Îles de la Madeleine in Quebec. According to the Ocearch Twitter page that follows his movements, Brunswick must have been pretty fond of the area, as he stuck around in the Magdalen Islands for a number of days.

Their post said, "Whatever @BrunswickShark found in the Magdalen Islands, he must really like it. The 8’ 9” shark has been hanging out very close to the shore there for the past few days."

Since then, the 8 foot, 9 inch shark has been moving deeper into the St. Lawrence Gulf, heading northwest. While Brunswick’s exact location has not been known for a few days, if he continues to head northwest towards the mainland, he will be heading right into an area in which no white shark has ever been recorded before.

According to tweets from Ocearch, the shark last ‘pinged’ during the evening of August 20, however, he did not surface long enough for the researchers to get a reading on his location. That said, Ocearch did confirm that Brunswick continued to "ping deep in the Gulf of St. Lawrence."

As it turns out, Brunswick the shark also has his own Twitter account, where you can keep up with his most recent adventures.  The account has more than 5,000 followers, and regularly tweets updates on Brunswick’s latest whereabouts.

For those with a real interest in Brunswick the great white, there are also a number of videos on YouTube, showing the Ocearch team tagging and tracking the shark.

So, if you’re in Quebec this summer, keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of Brunswick the shark, who might just make history by heading towards the mainland in the coming weeks.

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