Canadians are turning to what they know in order to help out. Bauer is the latest company to lend a hand during the outbreak of COVID-19 in Canada. They've gone from making hockey equipment to protective masks for doctors.

The company shared photos of the face shields they are working on in an Instagram post on March 25.

"Protection that allows athletes to give everything for their team is our heritage," the caption reads, "Right now, we're all on the same team."

"We're repurposing our facilities to make face shields so that medical professionals battling COVID-19 can safely continue to help those most vulnerable."

Bauer's vice-president of products, Dan Bourgeois, said the company has also received requests for the masks from other first-responders, including police and firemen, according to a report from the Canadian Press via Sportsnet.

Quebec's Premier had said that manufacturers in the province could play a role in producing medical supplies, which inspired the company's decision to create the face shields.

Bauer CEO Ed Kinnaly also told ESPN that the company wants to provide the masks to doctors in the United States.

"We've been doing outreach to various medical entities," Kinnaly said, "we're also going to use our social channels to basically let the medical community know that we have the ability to produce these."

Other Canadian companies have been doing their part during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Canada Goose announced that they would use their Toronto and Winnipeg facilities to create scrubs and patient gowns that would be donated to hospitals.

Sobeys is doing its part by hiring workers who have been temporarily laid off from places like Cineplex. Dollarama and Walmart are also hiring thousands of workers during this time.

Ontario has ordered all non-essential businesses to close. However, LCBO and Beer Store locations will stay open during this time.

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