A worldwide climate strike is happening and Canada is doing its part too. Multiple climate strikes will be happening across the country on September 27 and some will have very high-profile guests. We now know that Justin Trudeau will attend the Montreal climate strike.  

The Global Climate Strike happening across the world tomorrow has events all over Canada and Trudeau will be taking part in the Montreal strike along with climate activist Greta Thunberg. The strikes are taking place in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and every single province. 

Trudeau confirmed his attendance at a campaign stop in Ontario today and even threw in a couple of shots at Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives as he talked about the environment and the climate strikes. 

"I look forward to marching with thousands of Canadians tomorrow in Montreal like people are marching right across the country and around the world to fight for the environment," said Trudeau. 

Starting on September 20, strikes, rallies, and marches have been happening around the world as part of the Global Climate Strike. According to Global Climate Strike, everything culminates with the strikes tomorrow where everyone is invited to take part in their local strike and "sound the alarm and show our politicians that business as usual is no longer an option."  

As Canadians get ready to walk out and strike for the climate, B.C., Ontario, and Quebec schools are getting ready to let students skip class to attend the strike and some schools are even cancelling classes altogether

Even businesses are taking part in the strikes and allowing their workers to participate. Lush and Canadian retailer MEC are shutting down operations across the country tomorrow in solidarity with the movement and people attending the strikes. 

And while people were pleased to hear about schools and businesses getting on board with the climate strikes, many were not happy about Trudeau's participation. Some people on Twitter are calling his motives into question and bringing up his involvement with the pipeline. One user even said, "I hope [Greta Thunberg] gives him shit over pipelines in a very public forum."

"There has been an extraordinary amount of mobilization from young people and by Canadians across this country and indeed around the world calling for real action on climate change," said Trudeau. 

Trudeau isn't the only leader taking part in climate strikes across Canada. Jagmeet Singh will be participating in Victoria's strike and Elizabeth May will also be at the Montreal strike. 

According to journalist Justin Ling, Scheer will not be attending any of the climate strike events.

You can find a strike near you here

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