In case you didn't already know, the Beyond Meat Burger has been the latest and hottest craze in the food world. Canadians have been going absolutely crazy for the plant-based burger that has been designed to taste like real beef, even though it is completely meat, soy and gluten free. While this is the perfect option for those who are planning to cut meat out of their diets, Canadian meat producers don't seem to be very happy about it. Two Canadian meat producers have filed official complaints against Beyond Meat for using the word 'Meat' for their products. 

The Quebec Cattle Producers and the Union of Agricultural Producers of Quebec state that it is a false representation and misleading to use the word meat within their packaging. At the moment, the Beyond Meat brand is using the phrase "plant-based meat" on their products throughout Canada. 

According to TVA Nouvelles these meat producers state that using the word meat for any product that does not actually include meat is a false representation and are urging the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to stop the allowance of this packaging. This means that they want the word 'meat' to be completely removed from all plant-based packaging and advertisements throughout the nation. 

Weirdly enough, these two meat producers do have the grounds to make this complaint. MTL Blog states that according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, meat is defined as the 'edible part of the carcass' which does technically mean that the word meat is coined to those products that involved animals. 

However, the President of the Union of Agricultural Producers of Quebec doesn't just stop there. According to TVA he also states that one of the main concerns is that using the word 'meat' is going to lead to confusion among consumers. 

The President of the PBQ also states that it needs to be made more clear that these Beyond Meat products do not contain meat in them. This is because real meat and plant-based 'meat' contain different nutritional value. They state that the two products are completely different and that Beyond Meat is 'processed products' while normal burgers are 'completely pure'. 

However, with the Beyond Meat burger being the biggest plant-based craze in Canada right now, it can be assumed that consumers are aware of the fact that these patties don't actually contain meat in them. 

Beyond Meat burgers have even made their way on the shelves of grocery stores across Canada lately, due to their popularity and it's pretty safe to say that those who are purchasing them aren't confused about the plant-based burger contents. 

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