A Quebec man is in a critical condition after attempting to enforce COVID-19 social distancing rules. On Saturday, a Walmart security guard was rammed with a vehicle at his workplace in Sherbrooke, after trying to implement physical distancing. A disgruntled customer reportedly hit the employee with their car.

Police were called to the Galeries Quatre-Saisons shopping centre just after 5 p.m. on Saturday, responding to reports that a Walmart staff member had been seriously injured by a member of the public.

According to CBC News, a 25-year-old man and his partner were told by the security guard that only one person per car could enter the store, in accordance with Walmart’s latest physical distancing policy.

Sherbrooke Police (SPS) believe that the suspect became frustrated with the information provided by the staff member, and proceeded to hit the employee with his vehicle.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the security guard landed on the hood of the vehicle, and the driver made a manoeuvre to shake him off, before swiftly leaving the scene.

The Walmart employee is now believed to be in critical condition in the hospital. He is believed to have extremely serious head injuries.

While the suspect fled, the driver was later arrested at his home in Sherbrooke.

"It was a completely gratuitous act, but with extremely serious consequences," Martin Carrier, spokesperson for SPS, told Radio-Canada

According to CBC News, the victim's family took to Facebook to speak out about the terrifying situation.

The employee’s brother described finding a “crime scene” when they arrived to pick him up from work on Saturday.

"Because someone refused social distancing, he told himself that attempting to keep my brother from his five children and his wife, perhaps forever, would relieve his frustration," he wrote.

‼️‼️Message a notre clientèle‼️‼️ Afin de respecter la distanciation sociale demandée par le gouvernement, nous...

Posted by Walmart fleurimont on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Quebec currently has the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 of all Canada's provinces.

As of Sunday afternoon, there were 6,997 confirmed cases in Quebec, while Canada's total stood at 14,426.

The driver is now facing charges of armed assault with a vehicle, as well as committing a hit-and-run, and aggravated assault.

No charges have currently been laid against the driver’s partner.

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