Everyone gets hungry – including people who are on the run. However, whether it be a late night pizza craving or a lunch-time must have, this Canadian criminal may be caught by police through using a popular delivery service app. In order to broaden the search, RCMP and Skip The Dishes are partnering to find Brandon Nathan Teixeira, who is under a Canada-wide warrant. 

It looks like one of Canada’s most wanted criminals can’t stay in hiding forever – especially when hunger hits. According to RCMP, police are now searching for one of Canada’s most wanted criminals through Skip The Dishes. Drivers for the food delivery company are now being warned to look out for the dangerous individual. 

According to the Bolo Program website, Brandon Nathan Teixeira is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for murder. The murder allegedly took place in Surrey on October 23rd, 2017. At around 2 AM, RCMP in Surrey responded to an emergency call where they found Nicholas Khabra suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He later succumbed to his injuries. 

Teixeira is now wanted by the RCMP on a Canada-wide warrant for the murder of Khabra. A reward of $50,000 has been offered for anyone who can provide information leading to his arrest.

In order to broaden the Canada-wide investigation, the RCMP have teamed up with IHIT to start thinking outside the box. One of the new initiatives is to use Skip The Dishes, a food delivery company.

Skip The Dishes has confirmed to Narcity that RCMP did contact the delivery service and there is now an ongoing police investigation.

According to Global, a bulletin was released to all Skip The Dishes drivers warning of Teixeira and to look out for the individual. The bulletin states that the RCMP believe the individual may order food from the delivery service.

As they do not know his exact whereabouts, they think it is possible for Teixeira to order from the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas of British Columbia as well as Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, and Grimshaw in Alberta. Drivers are being warned that Teixeira may place the order under a different name.

Teixeira is described as a Vancouver-born male standing at five feet, 10 inches tall. He has brown eyes, brown hair, and a number of recognizable tattoos including a snake tattoo on the left side of his chest and a sleeve tattoo on his left arm. 

According to the Bolo Program website, Teixeira is extremely dangerous and should be considered armed. If anyone believes that they have come in contact with Teixeira, the best course of action is to call the police immediately. 

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