The courts have decided. The RCMP class action lawsuit about gender-based discrimination has led to a $100 million settlement. There is now information about which Canadians can start submitting claims in the next few months to get some of that money.

On March 10, the Federal Court of Canada approved the multi-million dollar settlement in the class action lawsuit Tiller v. Her Majesty the Queen, deeming it to be fair and reasonable.

The money is compensation for women who experienced gender or sexual orientation-based discrimination or harassment while working or volunteering with the RCMP.

That discrimination and harassment in this lawsuit spanned 45 years: from September 16, 1974, to July 5, 2019.

With the $100 million settlement, there are six levels of compensation that people can submit a claim for, ranging from $10,000 to $220,000.

The final value of the settlement will depend on how many eligible claims there are but the amount people get won't be impacted by how many claims there are.

There is a wide range of people who could get compensation. 

This includes all current and former living municipal employees, regional district employees, employees of non-profit organizations,  volunteers, commissionaires, supernumerary special constables, consultants, members of integrated policing units and people from outside agencies and police forces who are female or publicly identify as female, were supervised or managed by the RCMP or worked in an RCMP controlled workplace during the 45 year period. 

They can submit their claim between May 10 and November 5.

People who make claims will go through a confidential claims process that is designed to be trauma-informed.

Nobody will have to testify in a public hearing or make their identity known publicly.

"The settlement compensates women who were sexually harassed while working or volunteering with the RCMP. It also provides an opportunity for women to tell their stories in a safe and confidential setting. In this respect, the settlement gives these women a voice and, we hope, provides them with the closure they deserve," said Angela Bespflug, counsel for the class action, in a news release.

According to the CBC, the first level of compensation relates to a level one claim which is being subjected to sexualized comments and a level six claim involves forced penetrative sex acts.

"Many class members have lived in silence and fear, telling no one about the sexual misconduct that they were subjected to while working or volunteering with the RCMP. They self-blamed and feared retaliation. But the settlement changes that," said Bespflug.

Women can make claims to the settlement without fear of retaliation as the RCMP will issue a no-retaliation directive.

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