With the federal elections around the corner, the People's Party of Canada has released their full list of candidates that will be running in this year's elections across the nation. Here in Ontario, you may recognize a familiar name, as Renata Ford has announced that she will be running as a candidate in Etobicoke North. Following in her late husband Rob Ford's footsteps, she is now stepping into the political spotlight. 

Executive Director of the People's Party of Canada, Johanne Mennie revealed to Narcity that Renata Ford will be running as a candidate for the People's Party under the leadership of Maxime Bernier and that "Renata is excited to give a voice back to the people of Etobicoke North." 

At a press conference that was aired on CP24 on Friday afternoon, Renata Ford states that after working and serving behind the scenes for over twenty years, she feels that it is her time to 'step up and run for public office'. 

Renata Ford also states that a reason for stepping up as a candidate is that she has a fear of what the future holds for Etobicoke North and the rest of Canada and she has never been more ready to step into the political light. 

Under the People's Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier is promising to get rid of interprovincial trade barriers and to protect Canadians from censorship and discrimination. Bernier also states that the alarmism that is associated with Global Warming needs to be put to a stop and the government should focus on more concrete improvements. 

In the press conference, Bernier made it clear that Renata Ford approached him to join the party, and that he is proud that she is on his team. 

Renata's late husband, Rob Ford was mayor of Toronto from 2010 to 2014. While Ford was part of a few scandals during his time as mayor, it also seems that Renata has had a few scandals of her own 

According to CTV News, back in 2016, Renata Ford was arrested near a plaza in Etobicoke and was charged with impaired driving. She was also charged with impaired driving back in 2005. 

Renata Ford is also the sister-in-law of the current Ontario premier, Doug Ford. However, Doug Ford is the leader of the Conservatives and voiced support for Andrew Scheer. By running for another party, Renata Ford could be setting herself against the family. 

The federal election is set to take place on October 21. 


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