With federal elections just around the corner, Canadians across the nation are getting ready to cast their vote on October 21. However, it turns out that when it comes to casting your vote, the majority of those that you will be voting for are men. In fact, there is only one riding in Canada where all candidates are women and it's impossible to vote for a man. 

With federal elections less than 20 days away, deadlines for candidates to run in ridings across Canada have passed, meaning that there will be no new candidates in the running before the big vote at the end of this month. 

However, after taking a look at all 338 Canadian ridings, it seems that there are only a few where girl power shines through. In fact, there is only one riding in all of Canada where all of the candidates that are running are female. 

According to Global News, Etobicoke North is the only riding where all candidates are women. With all four major parties (Liberal, Conservative, NDP, and Green) being female, the riding also has a more notable PPC candidate who is also a woman. 

Renata Ford, the widow of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, will be joining the group of women to fight for the winning spot in their riding this month. 

While Etobicoke North is the only riding where all candidates are composed of women, there are a few other ridings where the majority of the ballot will be female. 

According to CBC, an additional four ridings have women running for all four national parties. Ottawa Centre, Kanata-Carleton, London West, and Haldimand–Norfolk all have women running for the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, and Green. 

In fact, while it may seem that men are outnumbering women when it comes to the federal election, it turns out that this is an all-time record for women who are running for office. 

Equal Voice, who did not include the PPC in their reports, told CBC that 595 of the 1,430 nominated candidates are women this year, which is an all-time high for Canadian elections. 

While only five ridings are composed of almost all women, minus the PPC and independents, Global states that there are only 30 ridings across Canada where there are no women running at all. 

NDP is reported to have the largest number of female candidates. 

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