Is it still Roll Up The Rim without cups? Tim Hortons has made the yearly contest fully digital due to concerns over coronavirus. One question that Canadians might have is how are the Roll Up The Rim odds affected by this decision?

With the paper cups and classic torn-off tabs being taken out of the equation, the game has changed in a big way. While the new digital component was introduced this year to coincide with normal Roll Up the Rim play, it's now the only way to win.

According to a press release from the company, the digital odds of winning a free drink or baked good are better than the original 1:9 odds offered at restaurants.

The food and drink prizes will be made available through instant wins. These are triggered at the register whenever a customer buys a coffee or hot beverage, with drink prizes being given out automatically, meaning the coffee you just bought is free.

What is different now is that the probability of winning any of the big ticket prizes, including cars, TVs, reward miles, or pre-paid gift cards, is determined by the number of people who play.

Normally the odds of finding any of these prizes hidden under the rim are determined by how many cups are distributed across the country.

Before the competition began, the company stated that a minimum of 81,869,520 cups would be distributed to five different regions, with the highest number being in Ontario. 

With no physical component to the game anymore, the odds are entirely based on how many people take part in the digital part of the game.

Not everyone is happy about this change, as plenty of Tim Hortons customers have expressed frustration at the loss of the classic cups.

The coffee chain also took further precautions against the spread of coronavirus by not accepting reusable cups at any of its locations.

NOW WATCH Tim Hortons Eliminates Roll Up The Rim Cups Due To Coronavirus Concerns (VIDEO)

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