Get ready to roll: everybody's favourite coffee competition is back! This time, however, it’s a little different. After Tim Hortons cancelled the physical cup aspect of their famous Roll Up The Rim competition, things have gottten messy. Just one day in, the brand new system is already causing chaos and confusion across Canada.

In a statement last week, the coffee company announced that they were making some changes to the upcoming Roll Up The Rim (RUTR) competition, in response to COVID-19 concerns.

Tim Hortons explained that there were potential health risks associated with staff handling cups that had recently been touched and sipped by customers, and therefore the contest would be app-only for the time being.

While the donut-shop promised to redistribute all $30 million worth of prizes as in-store giveaways and online contests, many Canadians were still totally unprepared to give up the physical rim roll.

Additionally, just one day into the RUTR season, the digital-only contest seems to be causing all sorts of uncertainty and chaos across Canada.

Between app-glitches and cancellation confusion, it seems a number of people are totally lost with the competition's new format.

As the competition kicked-off on Wednesday, one of the biggest areas of confusion seemed to be whether or not the contest was actually cancelled.

A number of Canadians took to social media to question why they were seeing RUTR on their timelines, as they thought it had been completely scrapped this year.

One person asked, “Wasn't Roll Up The Rim cancelled due to coronavirus?"

Another wrote, “I'm confused. Is Roll Up The Rim cancelled or is it back?"

There was also uncertainty for those using the app to play, as several competitors reported glitches and problems with the company’s digital platform.

While some people reported their prizes were “claimed” before they actually were, others simply couldn’t get their app to load at all.

It was also impossible to play online in some Tim Hortons restaurants, as one sign explained, “This location is unable to support the digital contest … because we use a different technology system.”

Frustrated coffee-lovers also reported problems with scanning their rewards cards via the app, as well as issues creating a new account.

One annoyed Canadian tweeted, "The contest is called Roll Up The Rim. Not scan the app!"

A number of people also complained that they were unable to scan their cards or apps for Roll Up The Rim after they'd already paid for their coffee.

One Twitter user explained, “No one asked to scan my code before I paid, and then they told me it was too late?”

In a statement to Narcity, Tim Hortons explained, " This wasn't a technical glitch. We’ve updated the language in the app so it now says 'won' instead of 'claimed.'"

The spokesperson added, "To activate the winning roll, guests need to open the app, scroll down on the home screen to 'Rewards and Offers' and click 'Activate Offer'. The winning roll will be redeemed on their next purchase containing the item. "

Despite all of the confusion so far, Roll Up The Rim is a Canadian tradition, and you know you’ll be missing out if you don’t try it at least once this year!

The contest will run until April 7. Full details can be found here.

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