Residents that were celebrating the long weekend holiday in a Canadian provincial park were in for an unpleasant surprise on Saturday evening when a strong storm blew through the area.  Those staying at Meadow Lake Provincial Park in Saskatchewan faced a possible tornado that flipped over trailers and damaged trees throughout the night. A few people have been injured during this storm. 

CBC News states that 200 lots full of people had pulled in their trailers for the long weekend before the storm hit. When large hail started to fall in the evening, many started to take cover. However, the conditions only started to get worse. 

The campsite declared the area an emergency zone as winds started to worsen and people were forced to leave the beaches throughout the park and take cover. As a possible tornado hit the area, trailers started to flip over and were being crushed by falling trees. Many residents state the park is facing a multitude of damages. 

One resident even recalled to CBC, "It's pretty chaotic. The campground is totally gone and it's going to take a long time to clear out those trees."

However, despite the damage that this storm has caused on the park, Environment Canada told CBC that they do not have enough information to currently confirm that it was a tornado that hit the area, or if it was just strong wind during the storm. 

Yet, witnesses claim that they did spot a funnel cloud before the storm started and Goodsoil Fire Chief Dave Hill also claimed that a tornado had touched down in the area. 

By Saturday night, all the people who had been camping at Meadow Lake had been accounted for and were all moved to a safe location. It was reported that campers were taken out of the area by bus and Goodsoil Town Hall was open as a place where campers could stay. 

STARS Air Ambulance confirmed that they were dispatched to the area around 5:30 PM to aid with those who needed help after the storm. 

Saskatchewan Health Authority told CBC that three people had been transported to a local hospital after facing injuries from the storm, but none of these injuries were life-threatening. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 


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