It seems as if some residents of Saskatchewan were in for a scary night on Thursday as an earthquake shook the grounds of Esterhazy. At around 8:30 PM a 4.1 magnitude earthquake was felt throughout the city, the shake causing instant power outages and forcing miners to seek shelter underground. Earthquakes are often common in this area, and residents have experienced over a dozen since 1981. 

According to CBC, the quake was felt in the area at around 8:30 PM in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, measuring in at 4.1 in magnitude. It was said to have been 5KM deep and hit near a mine in Gerald, Saskatchewan. 

Of course, as the earthquake hit the area, many miners were currently working underground at the time and were forced to seek shelter in refuge stations as a precaution. No injuries have been reported. 

However, it wasn't just the miners that felt the effects of this earthquake, many residents also reported to CBC that they felt their entire house shake for a couple of seconds. 

One resident even stated that she was in her farmhouse with her grandchildren when her entire house started to shake. She claims that "the youngest thought she was going to die. It was scary for them."

Once the earthquake hit, it was reported that the power went out instantly, sending multiple families into darkness for over two and a half hours as Saskatchewan Power attempted to restore power. 

Lights went out around 9 PM in the communities of Esterhazy, Whitewood, Moosomin, Rocanville and other communities around the area, and power wasn't restored until 11 PM. 

Utility services told CBC that there were signs that the earthquake affected the transmission system in the area, which is what resulted in the power outage. 

Many Canadians have taken to social media to share their shock about the incident, one user even stating, "Today was the first time I've heard we get earthquakes in Saskatchewan. You learn something new every day." 

However, it seems that earthquakes in Saskatchewan aren't are rare as some Canadians think. According to CBC, the same community was struck by an earthquake in the fall of 2016. 

There have also been a recorded 17 earthquakes in the Yorkton-Esterhazy area since 1981.

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