Just in time for Canada Day, one guy in Saskatoon has completed just about the most Canadian challenge ever. Tomas Terfloth, who started his journey about three years ago, made it his mission to purchase a full-sized, adult canoe from Canadian Tire, using only Canadian Tire loyalty money. Now the Saskatoon Canadian Tire canoe story has gone viral and, naturally, the response from Canadian Twitter has been pretty hilarious.

On Friday, Terfloth told CBC News that the challenge started approximately three years ago, after a joke he made on social media. In true Canadian style, Terfloth’s mission was embraced by the people of Canada, who started to send him their Canadian Tire money from far and wide.

He said "For some reason that I don't really understand, it just resonated with people. It wasn't just that they liked it, or they thought it was funny, but they wanted to contribute."

In fact, Terfloth said he would have only managed to raise about $150 of Canadian Tire money if he had been saving alone. Thankfully, his friends, family and even strangers were on hand to lend him a buck or two. Terfloth confirmed that the final push came earlier this month on his 40th birthday, when his friends gifted him with around $500 of Canadian Tire money that they had been saving.

"I don't think I can think of anything more Canadian," he said. "It's, like, really hoser. I hope I'm not dating myself too much, but I feel like the guys from FUBAR are going to show up.”

For those who don't know, Canadian Tire’s loyalty program rewards shoppers with Canadian Tire currency, which can be used as ‘cash’ for purchases at the store. While the retailer does now offer a card-based loyalty program, physical ‘cash’ is still given to those who prefer it. Unfortunately for the cashiers, the Canadian Tire currency often comes in small change, and Terfloth paid for his $777 canoe mostly in 10-cent bills.

Terfloth certainly made a lasting impression on the staff in his local Canadian Tire, who were gobsmacked to see such a massive amount of Canadian Tire cash. The cashier who served him on that day said it was by far the largest sum of the store’s currency she had ever seen somebody use.

The total amount saved and raised by Terfloth came to $941 in Canadian Tire cash, more than enough to cover the cost of his $777 canoe. When the cashier was told the purchase was made possible through donations from friends and even strangers, the cashier told CBC News, “That is awesome. He must be a wonderful man."

Canadians across the country have taken to Twitter to celebrate Terfloth, as 'Canadian Tire' is trending in areas around Canada. One user tweeted to say "Amazing! And sooooo Canadian!"

Several other Twitter users tried to find ways to make Terfloth’s story even more Canadian, with one Canadian tweeting that the canoe needed to contain “Tim Horton's coffee and/or timbits, maple syrup, ketchup chips, a beaver,” to make it well and truly a Canadian story!

Let’s all raise a glass to Terfloth this weekend, the most Canadian-Canadian this Canada Day, eh?

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