You know when you hear about those stories that are too crazy to be true? Well, this is definitely one of them. Canadian police recently witnessed a 15-year-old Saskatoon teenager jump into a river handcuffed in an attempt to swim away from them. If only we were there to see it all go down. 

On May 29, the Saskatoon police were called to the 100 block of Wiggins Road at around 9 PM. According to a police press statement, the University of Saskatchewan Campus Security had just apprehended a male who was in possession of a stolen bicycle. 

The suspect fled on foot, but get this – he was still handcuffed! A lengthy foot chase ensued through the city and quite honestly, we don’t know whether to be upset or impressed. 

A large river runs right down the middle of Saskatoon. When this 15-year-old saw the river he knew exactly what to do. According to police, the suspect swam across the entire length of the river! He actually got away by swimming with his hands cuffed. Look out, Michael Phelps. 

To put this into perspective, the average length of a bridge in Saskatoon is around 1,100 feet – which means that the teenager swam that entire length while handcuffed.

He ended up not being able to escape successfully. Later on, he was apprehended at 20th Street East and 4th Avenue South. Police caught up to him and he was taken into custody, but not before he assaulted two officers. 

Police believe he was under the influence of drugs at the time. He has since been charged with escape lawful custody, two counts of resisting arrest, and possession of stolen property. 

This isn’t the only crazy river-police incident that has happened in Saskatoon. Back in 2017, a man with no nose was determined to get away from police officers and fire crews as they tried to rescue him from drowning in that same river. 

According to the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, he would periodically dip under the water as officers tried to grab onto him from a boat. The man refused to get on the boat, often yelling “f—k the police.” He also assaulted the police while they tried to save his life.

However, using the waters as a getaway tactic isn’t just know to those living in Saskatoon. A man and former hockey player in Kelowna recently tried to abduct a woman baby. When he couldn’t do it, he stripped naked, jumped into the massive Okanagan lake, and barricaded himself on a pile of logs, just to get away from police. 

Well, it's clear that Canadian police get some seriously ridiculous calls. You never know what they may deal with next! 

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