Next time you’re at the grocery store you may want to think about checking your produce. According to a video posted on social media, a woman found a literal scorpion inside a package of blackberries at Sobeys in Saskatoon. She shared a video of her disturbing discovery on Facebook.

According to CTV News, Jaelyn Ford from Yorkton, Saskatchewan was shopping for produce in the Sobeys on 8th Street East in Saskatoon on Monday. However, what started off as a normal grocery store trip quickly turned gross. 

While at Sobeys, Ford says her roommate saw an insect tail sticking out of the fruit package. It was then that she realized that a real scorpion was hiding inside. Ford took a video of the incident and it is seriously disturbing.

"Check your produce......went to Sobeys in Saskatoon and found a scorpion in the blackberry’s" Ford captioned the video, which has been shared over 2,000 since it was posted on Monday.

According to the video posted on Ford’s personal Facebook page, the scorpion looks to be about an inch or so in length. 

Sobeys confirmed to Narcity that the "small dead scorpion" was in fact discovered at the 8th Street store on Monday and they immediately took action.

"In addition to removing the berries, we also inspected all of the fresh produce to ensure there were no other 'unexpected visitors' in the packaging," Sobeys spokesperson Megan Buston told Narcity.

"This is not consistent with the experience we strive to provide our customers in store. We conduct visual inspections in the field during harvest, when produce is delivered to our warehouses and also when it is merchandised in store. Customers are always encouraged to wash their produce as a standard food safety practice."*

While it's natural for bugs to live in produce fields, you never think they actually make it to the packaging stage, let alone the grocery store.

However, this kind of thing happens more often than you think. Recently, a shopper found a black widow spider in their Costo produce in Saskatewchan.

It could be worse, though. Last year, a woman in Vancouver found a full-on dead rat in her chowder bowl. A man in Vancouver also found a deep-fried bug in his A&W food. 

*This story has been updated.


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