As Canada gets closer and closer to election day, the political climate is heating up and now one of Canada's provincial premiers has decided to weigh in. In a tweet yesterday, Premier Scott Moe called Justin Trudeau "dangerous, divisive, and destructive" and it's all because of oil. 

Scott Moe is the Premier of Saskatchewan and the leader of the Saskatchewan Party. In a tweet yesterday, Moe shared an opinion piece from The Globe and Mail that says that the "The Liberals have rolled the dice by making anti-oil-industry rhetoric a key part of their election campaign." 

The piece gives the example of Trudeau saying during the French debate that he would stand up to oil interests and mentions that a number of Liberal candidates have tweeted out against pipelines.

This messaging comes as climate change and the environment has been a big focus of the campaign, especially in the wake of Greta Thunberg visiting Canada for a climate strike. However, it turns out that this message is a problem for Premier Moe. 

In his tweet, along with sharing the opinion piece, he says, "Dangerous, divisive and destructive. What kind of a national government actively campaigns against one region’s most important industry?"

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