Time and time again, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama have proved that their relationship is totally bromance goals. This time, however, it’s his wife who has taken to social media to gush about her American BFF. Her latest Instagram post proves that Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Barack Obama are the ultimate besties.

Since their first meeting back in 2015, the former U.S. President and current Canadian Prime Minister have made no secret of their bromance.

Between grabbing a beer together, and going on man dates, it seems that the pair enjoys each other’s company.

However, it’s not just the northern leader who’s close with the popular ex-president, as Grégoire Trudeau has also made it clear how much their friendship means to her.

Following Obama’s visit to Canada this week, she took to Instagram to gush about her close friend.

On Thursday evening, sharing a photo of the two of them walking together, she wrote, “In every context he’s always the same person: warm, witty, and thought provoking."

The touching post continued, "It’s always nice to see you, Barack Obama, and walk with you towards a better future.”

Within hours of being posted, the image had over 11,000 likes and hundreds of messages of support for the two close families.

As it turns out, it’s not just the former leader that Canada's first lady has a close bond with, but also with his wife.

Back in 2017, she was spotted shopping in Toronto with Michelle, and the iconic duo went on to share lunch together at Gusto 101.

The depth of the friendship between these two iconic couples was proven last year when Obama formally endorsed Trudeau for Prime Minister.

He described the Liberal leader as, “A hard-working, effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change.”

Going on to add, "I was proud to work with him."

During the summer of 2019, the two leaders also went on a man date to an Ottawa brewery, and the internet just couldn’t get enough of their bromance.

During his visit to Canada on Thursday, the former leader spoke at a sold-out forum about the future of work in Toronto. 

At the event, he was asked what his favourite thing about Canada was, to which he simply responded, "You're just so reasonable.”

He went on to add, “Canadians are super reasonable!"

Aw, shucks!

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