The first debate of Canada's federal election campaign has already turned into chaos. Overtalking, finger-pointing, and shade-throwing have filled the beginning minutes of the discussion. The hostility between the leaders is at as much as the room can handle, and Justin Trudeau isn't even there to add fuel to the fire!

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May are facing off in Maclean's/Citytv debate which began at 8:00 p.m Thursday. 

The debate got off to rocky start with the party leader's already refusing to let each other finish points.  Scheer kicked off the interruption after cutting of Singh during a rant about the Conservative government's education cuts, and moderator Paul Wells has done little to control the outbursts.

The poor etiquette between the leaders and Well's lack of sternness already has Canadians flocking to social media to demand a new moderator:

Some viewers are so displeased about Wells's handling of Scheer that they have begun accuse him of bias:

Despite the social media backlash, Wells's, a senior writer for Maclean's is scheduled to moderate the entire two-hour debate. So, there's no real chance of getting a last-minute swap out. Sorry folks. 

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