Oh Canada! Just earlier this month the Canadian accent was ranked the 13th sexiest in the world. While this may have been surprising news to some, it raised one big question. With so many different ways of speaking here, which one were people thinking of when they said ours was the sexiest? Fortunately, we now have that answer. The sexiest Canadian accents were just ranked, but the winner may be shocking to some. 

This latest survey comes from the company, Big 7 Travel, the same site that first ranked Canadian as the 13th sexiest accent in the whole world. This time they "dug deeper into a sample survey of our 1.5 million Big 7 Travel community to find the Top 10 sexiest accents in Canada."

Since the Great White North is huge, it's not surprising that we don't all sound the same, especially since we have a very diverse history. Between the indigenous populations that were already here, the French and English (including Scottish and Irish) settlers who came, and so much more, we have a variety of dialects, slang, and way of speaking that is almost unrecognizable from Vancouver to Newfoundland. 

According to Big 7 Travel, the most attractive accent is the Ottawa Valley one. If you're surprised by this winner, you aren't alone. In fact, some people may not even know where that is. In case you're one of those people, the Valley goes along the Ottawa River, from Ottawa west to Petawawa and everywhere in between, which is a lot of small towns. 

Now that you know where it is, you might be wondering what it even sounds like. The best way to describe it is stereotypically Canada. When you think of terms like "aboot" and "goin' for a rip, are ya bud" that is exactly what it's like. 

Given how stereotypical this accent is, it's kind of shocking that it's the top choice but if you live in or sound like you're from that area, congratulations! 

On top of narrowing down which specific accent is the most sensual, Big 7 Travel also revealed the top 10 sexiest ones in the country. Here's who else made the list: 

  1. Ottawa Valley 
  2. Toronto
  3. Quebec English
  4. Newfoundland
  5. Alberta
  6. Indigenous Canadian
  7. Bruce Countian
  8. Cape Breton 
  9. Vancouver 
  10. Northwestern Ontario 

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