The holidays are a time for giving. That's the lesson we've all been taught since our childhood, and luckily, some people never forget it. That's especially true for Tim Hortons customers, who seem to be keeping up a special holiday tradition this year.

Recently on Twitter, people are sharing their experiences going to Tim Hortons and having the person in front of them pay for their order. It's a small gesture, but it means a lot to people, especially on a cold winter day when they really need a coffee!

Paying it forward at Tim Hortons is the kind of thing that reminds you what the holidays are all about. The customers don't necessarily know each other, yet they offer this gesture of kindness.

The idea is to then pay the gesture forward and do the same thing for the people behind you, or to even just do something else kind for someone. A man who paid it forward at Timmies in 2017 even ended up saving someone's life.

In most cases, these customers don't even end up interacting in any way. People have tweeted about pulling up to the drive-thru window only to be told by the Tim Hortons staff that their order was already paid for. They've also tweeted about someone in line in front of them sneakily paying for their order.

"To whoever paid for my breakfast [at Tim Hortons] in [Bell's Corners, Ottawa] this morning thank you! I made sure to #PayItForward I wonder how many people carried it on." wrote Twitter user @lizmavor.

"Paid for a woman's coffee and tea [biscuit] in the Tim Hortons drive thru this morning. Felt good! You should give it a it forward! P.S. It'll keep you off the naughty list 😉" wrote @Crystalized_82

The tradition has even reached at least one Tim Hortons location in the United States, with @danborrello writing, "And, guess what? Somebody paid for my order. #Buffalo #WNY

All of this paying it forward is a great way to remind everyone that despite all of the stress and spending that can come with the holidays, some people are still willing to do something kind for a complete stranger!

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