Towards the end of 2018, Tim Hortons announced to the Canadian public that they would be revealing a new type of lid for their coffee cups and hot drinks. The new lid design was supposed to be shake-proof, spill-proof and basically, accident-proof, which sounded like a dream come true for clumsy Canadians across the country. However, nearly a whole year after the new lid was officially brought into circulation, it seems Canadians are more unhappy than ever, with some people even refusing to buy drinks from Tim Hortons until it is fixed.

The intention behind the new design was to give Canadians a better drinking experience, with a lid that supposedly makes it almost impossible to spill your hot beverage. It was created similar to a McDonald’s lid, with a small square hole and a raised lip.  The lid was also visually revamped to make it extra-Canadian, as a patriotic maple leaf was added to the top. 

While the initial introduction of the lid was met with some enthusiasm from Canadians, it didn’t take long for people to start complaining about the new top, with some people suggesting that the new ‘spill-proof’ lid was actually much messier than the previous design.

Despite the fact that the new lid was actually created months ago, it seems many locations across Canada are only now starting to receive them for the first time. Therefore, increasingly in recent weeks, coffee-lovers have been taking to social media to complain about the lids, sharing photos of themselves with hot beverages spilled all over them.

In one Twitter post, a Tim Hortons regular wrote, “ATTENTION @TimHortons !  Your dome lids are terrible! I just spilled hot coffee all over me!  #BringBackFlatLids.”

Another added, "Dear @TimHortons, not only do your newly designed "spill proof" lids not prevent spilling, they don't even fit your cups. Now I have to spend my day with a burnt thigh because the lid came off and my tea spilled everywhere on my lap."

As it turns out, the new lids are even frustrating Tim Horton’s staff. In a Reddit post, one staff member explained, “Okay so at least at our location, our frozen drink, iced coffee, and hot drink lids have all been altered and replaced.” 

The employee went on to say, “The hot drink lids usually stay on but somehow commonly manage to leak all over my hand when handing coffee out the window. Don’t ask me how because I’m honestly not even sure. Must not fit the cup precisely.”

The post ended with the comment, “Tim Hortons needs to stop focusing on what burger they’re gonna sell next and get their lids in-check...Nothing is more embarrassing as an employee than handing out a drink with an unreliable-ass lid.”

It also seems like it isn’t just the plastic coffee cup lids that are disappointing regular Tim Hortons guests, but also their cold-drink lids. According to a series of tweets and Reddit posts, the new ‘straw hole’ is too tight and too sharp for the straws, causing them to break and tear.

One user explained, “This terrible design is nearly impossible to put the straw in the lid, THEN crushes my straw. Do you use your products before you launch them. Disappointed in you.”

It seems that while Tim Hortons has been focused on bringing other things to market, such as their new range of veggie burgers and their new creamy slushy drinks, they may have overlooked something that is really bothering a lot of Canadians.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before they take this feedback into consideration because hot coffee all over your clothes is never a good look!

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