For the past few months, it seems as if Justin Trudeau has been in the spotlight when it comes to political turmoil. From the SNC-Lavalin Scandal to the blackface photos, some Canadians have been using Twitter to attack the current Prime Minister. In fact, when Trudeau took to Twitter today to post a tweet on  Teacher's Day, Twitter wasted no time in tearing him apart. 

With Trudeau being a former drama teacher before his life as a politician, a tweet was expected from the Prime Minister today towards teachers. However, the reactions that it got were less than positive. 

In the tweet, Trudeau stated, "There's no doubt about it, teachers are important for our kids, our communities, and our country. Our Liberal government will always support you and your students. #WorldTeacherDay"

Below the tweet was a photo that read "To all the teachers out there-what you do is important. You empower our kids, build their confidence, and help them find their strengths and curiosity." 

Of course, while the tweet was meant to be a generous tweet towards the teachers of Canada, it was also a political move as Trudeau linked his campaign promises towards students and teachers, including creating more before and after school care and making student grants more "generous." 

Yet, since the tweet was posted, many Canadians are using the tweet to attack the Prime Minister. Some users were quick to point out the timing of the tweet, consider the CUPE strike that is currently happening in Ontario. 

One user even stating, "Kissing up to ON teachers amidst a possible strike LMAO."

While others are calling him out for trying to get into matters that are currently a provincial matter. One user stating, "I thought education was a Provincial matter. You running for Premier of Ontario now?"

However, many users are using the tweet as an opportunity to tell Trudeau to step down from Prime Minister and go back to being a teacher. 

One user stating, "Save Canada. Make #TrudeauMustGo a teacher again."

While another states, "Justin should go back to teaching."

Canadians are going to the polls on October 21. 

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