There's a big debate happening across Canada and it's not the French language one happening on TVA. Instead, many households are likely split between watching the TVA Debate in Canada or tuning in for the home openers of multiple hockey games. 

While Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh, and Yves-François Blanchet face off on TVA Nouvelles, the puck is dropping for two super Canadian hockey matchups. The Toronto Maple Leafs are facing the Ottawa Senators in their season home opener, while across the country the Edmonton Oilers will be taking on the Vancouver Canucks. 

Arguably, there should be nothing more Canadian than watching some of the candidates vying for the leadership of this country in one of our national languages but the one thing that may just have the debate beat is hockey. Especially when it's the first real game of the season and it's a night of all-Canadian battles. 

Many Canadians have taken to Twitter to share how they are handling this uniquely Canadian situation. While some have embraced all the modern technologies of split-screens or live-streaming the debate online while watching the game on TV, others have made the ultimate choice. Unfortunately for the TVA debate, hockey seems to be winning. 

One Canadian explained they were grateful it is the TVA debate and not the Debate Commission debate overlapping the home opener. They said, "I'd choose the Leafs game either way, but this way I feel less bad." 

Another suggested they were recording the debate for later since hockey is a priority for them. They went as far as to say, "If there was no such thing as PVR... I would still watch the NHL hockey game." 

Others are embracing the Canadian split screen with one saying "watching the Leafs and Sens on one screen, and a French leaders debate on the other is my peak Canada moment of the week." 

It remains yet to be seen which Canadian event will pull bigger ratings. Fortunately, for Quebec hockey fans, the Montreal Canadiens will not be playing until October 3 when they face off against the Carolina Hurricanes.

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