No masks, no service. Even with parts of society resuming, big changes are coming. Uber Canada is making a big adjustment to how people work and travel. Both passengers and drivers will now be required to wear masks during trips. 

The company announced the change in a May 13 news release. Effective May 18, riders and drivers in Canada, as well as the United States and other regions, will have to keep their face covered.

Passengers will have to complete a checklist before scheduling their ride. They will be asked to confirm that they are wearing a mask and that they have washed or sanitized their hands.

All passengers will also be required to sit in the back seat at all times and open a window for ventilation. UberX maximum capacity has also been reduced from four to three.

Drivers will have to confirm that they are wearing a mask before they go online to start working. They'll be required to take a selfie to show they are following the rule.

Both drivers and passengers will be able to cancel rides without penalty if either party isn't wearing a mask. Anyone who is found repeatedly breaking the rules could be blocked from the service.

Uber said that they will make these new rules effective through June. At the end of the month, they will make any further decisions based on local health guidelines

On top of all of the new regulations, the ride-sharing company is also providing supplies to drivers so that they can keep their vehicles clean. These include sanitizers, wipes, masks, and gloves.

Uber has continued to operate during the pandemic, providing rides and food delivery.

In Canada, Uber partnered with community organizations to help deliver 80,000 meals to families who need them.

Now would be the right time to try and get your hands on a mask by either buying one or finding the instructions to make one at home.

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