The time has finally come. Vans Canada has released their Harry Potter collection. You can now buy your very own pair of Harry Potter Vans in Canada and we could not be more excited about it! Just one month ago, Vans Canada announced they would be releasing a Harry Potter collection. The Internet blew up as everyone was excited to get their hands on the latest merch. 

At first, we had no idea what the shoes were going to look like. They teased the collaboration with Harry Potter by dropping a cryptic video on their Instagram account. Vans wrote "Something magical coming soon…" followed by a link to their website.

According to Vans Canada, you can now purchase the long-awaited shoes online! On their website, you can purchase a pair of shoes that are meant to be associated with every house! That’s right, Slytherin’s, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Gryffindors can all come together and buy a pair of shoes to match their personality. 

The shoes will vary in prices and come in every size from toddlers to adults. If you are interested in the shoes, expect to pay around $85. Each house and theme is a different price, but they all seem equally as worth it. 

It gets even better – if you can't decide on a pair of house shoes to get, no worries. Vans also released a series of other Harry Pottery themed shoes that sport wicked vibrant colours, spells, and even the Golden Snitch!

Check out photos of the new Harry Potter line below! 

It’s not just shoes! Vans Canada has gone all out and has dropped a huge line of clothing and accessories all surrounding the Harry Potter theme. 

Everything they could slap a logo on, they did! Slides, hats, jackets, crop tops, and even backpacks are plastered with logos from the Harry Potter houses.

Altogether, there are 66 new items that will beef up your wardrobe and prove how big of a fan you really are. 

Anyone who is interested in purchasing the shoes can visit the Vans Canada website and browse the collection. They are also available for purchase in any Vans Canada store. Thankfully, there is a handy map on their website that helps you find your nearest store!

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