It's spring in Canada, AKA geese season. As we all know, Canada Geese can be vicious and territorial, especially around their babies. However, this video of baby Canada Geese trying to climb a curb will make you forget how evil they are. 

The breeding season for Canada Geese is between February and April. The eggs take about 28 to 30 days to hatch meaning that the month of May is prime baby goose season. That's why we are now starting to see so many adorable videos of baby geese making their way through the world. The most recent video was shared by The Weather Network on Twitter. It was taken in Burlington, Ontario on May 17. 

The video shows a family of geese, with seven little babies crossing a street and climbing up on the curb to get to the other side. The two adult geese, likely the parents, obviously step up onto the curb with ease while the babies are left struggling to hop up on the curb that's just as tall as they are. 

While some of the geese make the jump no problem, a few of them aren't able to get up there. Watching the adorable baby geese struggle is so touching that it is enough to make you forget how evil they could be when they grow up. 

Fortunately, the geese in this video weren't left behind and the family ended up cycling back to make sure none of their babies were left behind. This is actually pretty typical goose behaviour, especially when the babies are so young. Geese typically can't fly until they are 10 weeks old, so their parents protect and defend them fiercely until then. Since the geese breeding season is from February to April the geese in this video definitely are not 10 weeks old yet. 

On top of that, geese tend to stay with their families until they are about one year old, when they go off to start their own families. That means these adorable seven little babies will be sticking together for a while now. 

No matter how adorable these baby geese are, you definitely want to keep your distance. Canada Geese are most aggressive during the spring because they are protecting their family. If a goose feels like you are threatening their babies or their nest they may chase or attack you to defend themselves. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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