Florida has always been a hot destination for Canadians (figuratively and literally). Snowbirds, as they are called, often head down to the tropical state to get away from the bitter Canadian winter. What are Canadians like when they travel there? Well, recently on Reddit, a resident of Florida thanked Canadians for their kindness during their visits to the sunny state.

These friendly words come at a time when tensions between the U.S. and Canada (as well as a number of other countries) are already very high. It's a great example of how small acts of kindness can make a big difference at the individual level.

There were plenty of great reactions from flattered Canadians, including the top comment. We have to admit, it's true that Canadians do love getting compliments from Americans.

Besides these typically polite Canadian responses, there were more than a few silly ones thrown into the mix. Who would even want their own alligator? There's no way any landlord would let their 'no pets' rule slide for that.

A couple of users had to make a point of responding to the OP's comments about how Canadians drive in Florida. They should probably know that driving styles in Canada can change drastically from region to region.

The thread even prompted some responses from other Americans who wanted to share their affection for Canada. Hey, if they're offering more kind words, we'll take them!

One Reddit user expressed how they wished more Americans like the OP would visit Canada, instead of the ones who spend their time here. 

It's not entirely fair to judge every American visitor on such a small sample. After all, there are plenty of kind tourists in Canada who just love to take everything in!

Of course, one of the biggest surprises for people to hear was that Canadians tip well! This isn't always the reputation Canadian visitors have in the U.S.

Ultimately, it seemed that people on both sides of the border wanted to express their gratitude to each other for being so kind and welcoming. It's easy to forget about the U.S. and Canada's special relationship, but posts like these are a good reminder that both countries are not only allies, but also friends.

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