Hey, Google? Understandably, there are a lot of questions people have right now. One of the most frequent ones is asking when will quarantine end in Canada. According to Google, that seems to be what Canadians are most interested in lately.

The top five search questions for the previous week, at least from Canada, are all focused on finding out when life will begin to return to normal.

"When will quarantine end in Canada?" took the number one spot in terms of searches, but people also asked "when will social distancing end in Canada?" and more broadly, "when will the coronavirus pandemic be over?"

In his addresses to Canadians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indicated that social distancing rules could still be in place for weeks to come in order to keep flattening the curve.

As for when the pandemic itself will be over, there have not yet been any clear answers.

Canada's top doctor has said that on the national level, the length of time that COVID-19 continues to spread depends almost entirely on how we approach it.

Also included in the most recent search questions was "is sore throat a coronavirus symptom?"

Health Canada developed an app for people to use in order to give an early assessment (before being tested by a doctor).

One of the less severe symptoms that it asks about is a sore throat, but the more important symptoms include severe chest pain and difficulty breathing.

These search terms are very different from what's being looked up in the United States.

Most Americans are asking Google, "Why haven't I received my stimulus check?" "Who gets a stimulus check in 2020?" and "How to add direct deposit for stimulus check."

If these searches show anything, it's that one of the biggest things affecting people is uncertainty. It seems like the one thing everyone really wants is a straight answer.

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