Canadians are stereotyped as being nice, kind people. And while that's definitely true in some cases, that doesn't stop people from taking the opportunity to roast politicians. #WhyScheerLost is a trending topic on Twitter and the tweets are ruthless.

Canadians are taking to Twitter to give their reasons as to why they think Scheer lost the federal election on October 21. #WhyScheerLost is trending as people continue to tweet about Canada's election results. 

And people are taking the opportunity to roast Scheer for his politics, his campaign and his opinions. 

A week before the election Scheer was confident that the Conservatives would win a majority government

"We're going to get a majority government," Scheer told reporters multiple times on October 15 after getting asked about what his government would do in a minority situation.

But as polls closed across the country on election day and the results came in, that majority didn't happen for the Conservatives or any other party. 

The Conservatives came in second place behind the Liberals. Scheer's party won 121 seats in the election which wasn't enough to form a majority or even beat out the Liberals, who won 157 seats, for a minority or for Scheer to become Prime Minister. 

Some Canadians are now using #WhyScheerLost to ruthlessly put down Scheer and while the tweets are harsh, they're also really funny.

One person tweeted that Scheer lost because "he doesn't watch Schitt's Creek" while another said, "the man didn't have a clear position on any major issue to speak of."

Another person said he lost because Elizabeth May said he would during one of the debates.

Even though the hashtag is dominated by slights against Scheer, some are using it to put down Justin Trudeau.

One person called him a "lawbreaker" and another said that "eastern Canada is brainwashed" by Trudeau. 

No matter what people say on Twitter, whether Scheer should've won or lost, Canadians had their say at the polls about who will govern Canada next and that's not Scheer and his party. 

Despite his election loss and calls for him to step down as leader, Scheer said he would stay on as leader of the Conservative Party. 

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