Canadians have been eagerly waiting to get back to their favourite stores. With Winners reopening in Ontario and Quebec, people are already going pretty nuts, and lining up outside the doors. Some have even shared their experiences and feelings on TikTok.

When the iconic Canadian discount store closed along with HomeSense (another favourite), shoppers were feeling distraught. 

No, they might not have been an essential business to everyone, but to some, it was a heartbreaking experience seeing those doors locked day after day.

Now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Both stores are opening back up in a few parts of Canada, and there are — as always — great deals to be had.

There will, however, be some new ground rules, meaning that shopping might not be exactly the same as it was before.

The number of customers will be limited (which is likely what resulted in such long lines at this Edmonton mall).

In addition, sanitizing products will be made available, and people are encouraged to wear face masks while inside.

So how do people feel about finally getting to set foot in their retail home away from home once again? Apparently pretty happy, as evidenced by the outpouring of emotional and hilarious TikToks.

Plan Ahead

Blanket? Check. Pillow? Check. Willingness to buy things you don't need because the price is right? Check too, probably.

Going Overboard

Is there really any doubt that people are going to go hard on their first trip back? Joe Exotic's words have never been truer.

The Hype Is Real

Is it safe to say that people might be too excited for this particular reopening? 

I Miss You

While Winners and HomeSense closed, these millennial moms cannot sleep, they cannot dream tonight. 


Don't act like you're not the kind of person who isn't willing to wait in line to get some awesome throw pillows and wall art.

The Wait Is Real

Did you think those lines were just an isolated event? That they aren't happening all over? Think again.

Someone Has To Pay For It

He seems pretty generous. He barely put up a fight to protect his wallet.

I Don't Know

Shop now, deal with the questions later.

Throwin' Bows

It serves two purposes. The first is getting the deal you want before someone else. The other is reminding people to stay six feet away from you.

Still Feeling The Apprehension

Just because you can go doesn't mean you have to. You might still feel safer ordering your stuff online from the safety of your living room.

Make A Day Of It

Throw on your mask, grab a Timmies, get in line, and start shopping again. Rain or shine, it can be hard to resist the call of the deals.

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