The world has found itself in an unprecedented health crisis. While the World Health Organization has provided information and updates, it has also come under scrutiny. After losing its US funding, the WHO needs someone to step up, and the EU wants it to be Canada.

In a report from the Canadian Press, Brice de Schietere, the EU's acting ambassador to Canada, said that Canada's trade deal with the European Union could play a key role in an upcoming May 4 pledging conference.

"It is precisely in times like these that we need to have more solidarity. Global co-operation is more critical than ever," de Schietere said, according to the report (via CTV News), "and the responses we have had, notably from Canada, have always been very positive in this direction."

It was not confirmed whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be taking part in the conference or not.

"Global health is the largest area of investment for Canada's aid program. We are one of the recognized leaders in this space," International Development Minister Karina Gould said in a statement to the Canadian Press.

The ambassador also said that the event had been in the works prior to President Donald Trump's decision to pause funding to the WHO earlier this month.

He said there will be a review of the organization, which he claims played a role in "severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of coronavirus," according to CNN.

Canada and the United States have been coordinating on their response to the pandemic, but there have been bumps in the road.

The President had previously tried to stop any shipments of masks by 3M to both Canada and Mexico. He had also claimed that the Canada-US border would be opened soon, a statement that was denied by Trudeau.

"If we reopen too soon, everything we're doing now might be for nothing," Trudeau said during an address, "We're making sacrifices, we're there for each other, we need to hold on."

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