The Canada Border Service Agency is the police body throughout Canada that you can spot patrolling your local borders. They have the authority to search Canadians, detain travelers and even carry out deportations. Documents were just obtained that shows over 1,200 allegations were made against the Canada Border Service Agency between 2016 and 2018 and some of those allegations included cases of sexual assault

The CBSA is one of the largest policing bodies in the country and is the only major law enforcement group that handles complaints against their own staff. They have no outside forces which help against the allegations. 

In records that were obtained by CBC News, it highlights a wide range of offenses that Canadian border agents are facing. A majority of the allegations appear to be minor, such as falling asleep at work or calling in sick to work when the agent was actually going to a wedding. Yet, some of these allegations are more serious than others. 

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These documents released by the CBSA show that at least five allegations of sexual assault have been made towards border agents since 2016. However, CBC  News states this number may be far higher than what was actually disclosed as it can be difficult to convince people to come forward and file official complaints. 

Sexual assault in only one out of the 50 different categories of offenses that have been filed against the CBSA. The most common allegation between 2016 and 2018 is the neglect of duty with 228 total allegations, while the second most common allegation is discreditable conduct on duty, with 183 allegations. 

There are other charges that have also been filed as well as 59 allegations of harassment, 38 allegations of criminal association and 25 allegations of abuse of authority. 

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Though specific details are not present for a majority of cases there have been some cases released such as one employee being accused of "selling prohibited knives," or another employee who "may have conducted an unauthorized query of an ex-girlfriend,". 

The Liberal government has promised in 2016 to introduce legislation to help with the oversight of allegations within the CBSA. According to Public Saftey Minister Ralph Goodale, the CBSA was a "gap that definitely needs to be addressed,".

Yet, as of today, the CBSA is still doing oversight allegations against their own staff.  

Source: CBC News

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