This article was published on November 20th, 2018.

Whether you like them or not, Canada Goose and their coats have become a go-to for many Canadians when it comes to dealing with the country's harsh winters. While the price is considered steep to some, the coat's ability to make you feel warm and snug in extremely cold weather deems them a worthwhile investment for many.

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The latest effort by Canada Goose seems to be one aimed at proving their skeptics wrong, ultimately looking to convince more people that their coats are the real deal. That effort is coming in the form of a new addition to their stores that is just as attention-grabbing as their coats themselves.  

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The latest concept getting introduced to stores is called "The Cold Room" and it's described as a room that gets ridiculously freezing. With temperatures that get as low as -25 C, customers are able to test out their coat of choice to see for themselves that Canada Goose and their coats are worth the price.

As of right now, five locations host the freezers, including one in Montréal which opened last Friday. Canada Goose's CEO told the Financial Post that the move is meant to give purchasers that moment of "truly feeling warm in a cold climate" before they even purchase the coat. 

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The freezers, which have been built with selfie-takers in mind, are also meant to act as the latest push to bring customers into actual Canada Goose stores rather than checking out wholesalers such as Sporting Life or SAIL. It also is helping the brand expand into areas that don't experience as cold of weather as Canadians such as Hong Kong where they sell lighter coats. 

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With only 11 physical stores to date, it's clear Canada Goose is refining their current roster of brick and mortar locations before expanding any further. From what we can see from their efforts so far, it's clear that Canada Goose is making their in-store experience as luxurious and over the top as the coats themselves! 

Source: Financial Post 

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