Canada's most iconic, and not to mention most expensive winter coats are undoubtedly the Canada Goose parkas. However, the coats are also super controversial. They have come under fire for their use of coyote fur and goose feathers in the past, but now they are sparking a new issue. 

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One UK high school, Woodchurch, in North England has completely banned Canada Goose jackets in their dress codes, but it's not because of animal rights issues. It's actually because of the price tag. 

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Woodchurch High School announced recently that students wouldn't be permitted to wear Canada Goose jackets to school starting in January 2019. The jackets are being banned because of how much they cost. 

Retailing at around $1000 each, the Canadian jackets are a significant investment for parents to make, just to get their kids some name-brand outerwear. Woodchurch decided to bring in the ban after some students from lower-income families complained about the societal pressures to wear expensive brands like Canada Goose, which they couldn't afford. 

The ban is part of a great poverty-proofing plan that the school has put in place. The project aims to protect lower-income students from poverty shaming by making it so students can't flaunt their wealthy backgrounds at school. The same reasoning was used when UK high schools also instituted a uniform backpack for students a few years ago. 

Surprisingly the ban has been met with mostly positive responses from parents at the school. Woodchurch says that the support from parents for the ban has been overwhelmingly positive. Reactions on social media have pretty much been the same. 

The Canadian brand isn't the only coat on the chopping block with Woodchurch's new dress code. Other expensive brands like Moncler and Pyrenex will also be banned after Christmas at the school. 

Source: Washington Post

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