If you're having flashbacks to the weeks-long postal strike from last November, that's because Canada Post has completely suspended all mail delivery in Southern Ontario. The cancellation today is due to "inclement weather" which today means freezing rain. 

The freezing rain is expected to last all day and even overnight in Toronto and other areas of Southern Ontario like the Hamilton-Niagara region where they have been hit pretty hard. With this weather, it's expected that around 10mm of ice build up could coat the region by Thursday morning. 

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Given that unfortunate forecast and the warnings from Environment Canada about slippery road conditions, Canada Post has decided the safest course of action is to cancel all mail and parcel delivery in this area. In fact, it's so bad that they have issued not one, but two service alerts about the cancellation. 

The first alert was generally for Southern Ontario but does not specify which communities this includes. The second was more specific and targeted directly at the GTA. Both alerts are at the highest level which is "red alert" meaning that mail delivery has been completely suspended.

While neither alerts name any specific towns or cities, chances are if you live in Toronto, Peel, Durham, York, and Simcoe Regions, Hamilton, Waterloo, Niagara, or anywhere around there, you won't be getting any mail today. 

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These are the most severe service alerts in the entire Canada Post network right now, but there is one more active alert at the moment. Currently, they are also warning that mail delivery in Saskatoon is being affected by the weather.

In this case, though, it's not freezing rain but extreme cold that is delaying mail. It's also less severe. While they have not suspended all service there, they are warning of a temporary service disruption, which is classified as a yellow level alert. 

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These service delays and full suspensions come just a few days after Canada Post had to put out a warning, asking residents to clear off their walkways and porches to make sure it was safe for postal workers to get to the mailboxes. 

The warning was prompted by the minor injuries of several carriers in Alberta, specifically in Fort McMurray where they also experienced extreme freezing rain in the past week. It's reported that one postal worker even had to take an entire week off after falling on their route. 

The service alerts from Canada Post are in place until further notice, and there is no clear idea right now of when they will end but given the forecast, mail service could be impacted well into tomorrow afternoon. 

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