CTV News just announced that Canada Post's union has just filed a constitutional challenge against the federal government's legislation forcing employees to go back to work. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) announced that they will be filing the challenge with the Ontario Superior Court.

As you may know, Canada Post workers were conducting rotating strikes this past fall to fight for better employee benefits, until recently when strikes caused delays during the holiday season.

After Canada Post confirmed that delays would continue into the holidays and into January, not only that but international parcels would also be backed up until March 2019, the Federal Government filed legislation forcing Canada Post employees to go back to work. 

After Canada Post was forced to end their strike and continue working, some people decided to protest on behalf of the Canada Post employees. That's right, after the strike ended, protestors continued to physically block Canada Post trucks so that they couldn't deliver mail even though the strike was officially over.

Now, Canada Post is fighting back by filing a challenge on the back to work legislation. It looks like the battle between Canada Post workers and the Federal Government is far from over. 

More to come.

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