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Canada To Be Hit By A Polar Vortex That Will Bring Extreme Cold Weather And Snowfall

Brace yourselves for the second wave of winter.

Canadians can expect another round of intense wintry weather to sweep the country this February as a polar vortex makes its way south from the Arctic.

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Erin Wenckstern, a meteorologist for The Weather Network, reports “a frigid pattern across most of Canada for the month of February and with it, an abundance of winter weather across the south.” A warm front that is currently over Alaska will push the polar vortex, which is “the coldest air on the planet,” south into Canadian latitudes.

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“This type of pattern can often lead to a dominant cold snap for many areas across Canada and will be the general feature for the month ahead – but it will have starkly different impacts depending on location,” Wenckstern explains.

The chilliest air will land over northern and central Canada, with the south receiving periodic shots of cold as well. The southern regions will also receive abundant snowfall throughout the month, as the polar vortex lingers over Hudson Bay.

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February outlook

Wenckstern says that the Prairies and Quebec will receive a wave of cold Arctic air as the polar vortex moves over Hudson Bay. A hyperactive storm track will develop along the U.S.-Canada border, causing significant windchills and snow events. The B.C. mountains, Alberta, and Atlantic Canada can expect “messy storms” during this time.

By the second week, the cold air will continue across eastern Canada while milder Pacific air moderates temperatures in the west. This pattern “makes a strong case for cold air to remain firmly entrenched over eastern Canada,” though such scenario goes against expectations based on current weather models.

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