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Canadians Prove That Tim Hortons' $700 Million Investment To Win Our Love Back Isn't Working

The massive investments are all a part of the brand's road to redemption.

It's definitely no secret that Tim Hortons has suffered a significant fall from grace in the past few years. While in the past the coffee company could easily be identifiable as a Canadian favourite, nowadays customers are looking elsewhere for their morning coffee. So much so that Tim Hortons saw a significant hit this year when they fell from the top 10 list of Canada's "most influential brands" for the first time in over half a decade, dropping from 9th place to 16th. 

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The switch from Tims to other coffee shops comes in response to several issues that Canadians have had with the brand. From the minimum wage hike problem to declining quality when it comes to their food and beverage products. Though it seems Tim Hortons is determined to earn it's way back into Canadian's hearts, even if they don't seem to want them to.

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It was announced earlier in the year that Tim Hortons would be spending a whopping 700 million dollars on renovations for franchises throughout the country. The new face likely symbolizing a new start for the company as they began their rebuild. On top of that, they also promised new lids. 

Unfortunately, the new lids didn't get the unanimous appreciation from customers that Tim Hortons likely hoped for, considering the backlash they received for their old ones that frequently leaked. Instead many customers complained the new ones were actually worse than the ones the company had before.  

It seems Tim Hortons is aware of their rebrand's rocky start, considering it was just announced this morning that the company would be investing even more money to be spent on five different advertisement campaigns. The advertisements are going to be inspired by true stories and will be done in a similar heartfelt style as the ones that Tims has been successful with in the past. 

The global chief marketing officer, Axel Schwan told the Globe and Mail that the new direction is a shift from always focusing on products, which they're done frequently "in the last couple of years." Now the brand is trying to find "the right balance."

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Even with the new marketing direction, it seems that Tim Horton's has a lot more problems to deal with than just the face of the brand. Considering that Canadians routinely don't just complain about Tim Horton's image, but also the rising prices of their products and the lacklustre quality of their food: 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

While investing upwards of 700 million sounds intense, it's clear that the company is in dire need of a revamp to earn back their customers. Whether all of their efforts will actually be successful in the long rule is far from being determined. All we know is that short-term wise, it definitely hasn't changed many people's opinions. At least, not yet. 

Source: Reddit, CBC News, Globe and Mail 

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