When you think of Cuba what comes to mind? Beaches, sand, sun...you know, somewhere a lot nicer than Canada in winter.

But apparently Cuba has become an incredibly unsafe to work for Canadian embassy officials. And when we say unsafe we mean like it has become super dangerous.

It has actually now acquired a rating as bad as one for missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon. You know, actual war zones with terrorist groups in them. So yeah it’s not somewhere you would exactly want to apply for a job right now.

So, what could possibly be going on there that’s as bad as fighting something like ISIS?  

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Between April 2017 and January of this year a mysterious illness has afflicted 10 diplomats and their family members who were working at the embassy in Havana.

No one knows that it is that’s causing people to feel sick but it is causing people to experience concussion-like symptoms, as well as headaches, nosebleeds, loss of hearing, loss of balance, and short-term memory loss.  

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Some of the people affected reported hearing a “novel localized sound at the onset of symptoms in their homes of hotel rooms,” before feeling ill.

Doctors are trying to figure out what's wrong with people but have yet to come up with a single answer. The whole thing is a gigantic mystery right now, which when you think about it is really incredible.   

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Some officials are now reportedly just ignoring rules in an effort to allow people working there to get themselves and their families home to Canada as quick as possible.

So yeah, this entire whole thing is just bizarre. 

Source: Global News

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