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Canada's Happiest Employees Are Working At Starbucks And IKEA

Glassdoor's Best Places to Work in Canada 2018 ranking was just revealed.

This morning, employer review website Glassdoor published their 2018 ranking of the 25 best companies to work for in Canada. Their findings were based on feedback from thousands of employees who completed a review of their job, their work environment and their employer over the past year.

Glassdoor based the ratings on a 5-point scale to the nearest tenth: 1.0=very dissatisfied, 3.0=OK, 5.0=very satisfied. This morning, they revealed which companies came the closest to a perfect score, according to their employees. One of those was Starbucks Canada with a 4.3 rating.

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Starbucks is known for their incredible employee perks. Those who work 20 plus hours a week receive a benefits package called Your Special Blend. According to Starbucks Canada's website, it could include bonuses, retirement savings matching and discounted stock purchase options. They even provide adoption assistance and health coverage for their employees' domestic partners.

Surprisingly, scoring even higher on the list was Keg Restaurants, with a 4.4 rating. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft took the number one spot with a 4.5 rating.  Here are the top ten employers on the list:

1. Microsoft (4.5 rating)
2. PointClickCare (4.5 rating)
3. SAP (4.4 rating)
4. Keg Restaurants (4.4 rating)
5. Ubisoft (4.4 rating)
6. Shopify (4.4 rating)
7. Randstad (4.4 rating)
8. Fortinet (4.3 rating)
9. Intact(4.3 rating)
10. Starbucks (4.3 rating)

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Lower on the list, but still in the top 25 are Apple (#13), Telus (#16), IKEA (#18), Fairmont Hotels (#17), Shell (#22), Best Buy (#19), TD (#23) and The Home Depot (#25). To see the full list, click here.

"In today's tight labour market, job seekers are in the driver's seat when it comes to deciding where to work and they want to know the inner workings of a company before accepting a new job," said Glassdoor's Chief Economist. This list is just one way for job-seekers to navigate through the work world and find the best fit.

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Out of over 830,000 employers reviewed on Glassdoor, the average company rating is 3.4.

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