Canada's John Morris And Kaitlyn Lawes Win Olympic Gold In Mixed Doubles Curling

History has just been made.

Canada has just picked up its third Olympic gold medal after beating Switzerland in mixed doubles curling.

It seemed like just another day in the office for Morris and Lawes, who took the match against defending world champions Martin Rios and Jenny Perret at 10-3 in the final. 

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The match started off well for the Canadians with an early off shot by the Swiss. Morris and Lawes were able to snag two points to take the lead, but in the the Swiss came back to even the score in the second. In the third, another miss by the Swiss allowed Lawes to finish the end and score four for Canada.

The game was over in just six ends, after the Swiss made a few more fatal errors. The winning moment was truly magical — Morris lifted Lawes in the air and they were both congratulated by family and friends.

Morris and Lawes now have two Olympic gold medals under their belts. Mixed doubles curling only made its Olympic debut this year in Pyeongchang, so the duo is the first in history to ever win a gold medal in the event.

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