Deceim has become one of Canadians' favourite beauty and skincare brands over the past few years. From the parent company's serums to their $7 foundation under The Ordinary brand, it's no secret that the brand's success is all thanks to great packaging, great products, and some shockingly affordable price tags. 

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Though if there's one thing Deceim is known more for than their products, it's their interesting CEO, for lack of a better word. The head of the company has come under fire before for taking over the company's Instagram page as an outlet for his bizarre rants. But, this latest rant has customers more concerned than usual. 

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It all started yesterday when CEO Brandon Truaxe took to the Deceim Instagram page and posted this video:

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At one point, the rant seems to be heading in one direction but then cuts off before any of what he was saying starts to make sense. But if you thought you'd get some more clarity by reading the lengthy caption he included, trust us when we say you'll only be left even more confused. Especially considering he tagged the post location as "The White House."

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While people initially thought it was a publicity stunt, or just the CEO going off his rails, lovers of the brand were shocked to see that the Deceim website now only shows a black screen when you visit it.

The Ordinary branch of the company's website is still running though, so you may want to run over and pick up a few backups of your favourite in case their fate is similar. 

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Clearly, from the comments below on the video, a lot of customers are very confused and angry that, once again, the CEO is posting cryptic rants. Especially considering the talks of Deceim shutting down might mean we won't be able to access our favourite beauty products anymore. 

Via deceim

Via deceim

Via deceim

Via deceim

While the entire situation is still very up in the air, we can only hope that the whole situation is either a very oddly executed publicity stunt or that the CEO will change his mind.

Until we get some more clarity, though, you may want to prepare to say goodbye to some of your favourite products in case the worst does end up happening. 

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