There's a new scam targeted Canadians and this time celebrities are being used as pawns. In the latest fake advertising scheme, Canadian celebrities are being used in fake endorsements promoting potentially dangerous and fake beauty products to customers. 

So far, the scam has victimized different female Canadian celebrities, but particularly female broadcasters and TV personalities. The scam goes beyond just selling fake beauty products, though - it is also ruining these celebrities' lives. 

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In the fake ads made in these scams, Canadian celebrities have been portrayed as leaving their broadcasting and TV jobs to launch these beauty brands. In some of them, the fake news goes as far as to say that the women were fired from their jobs or had drama with their bosses. 

So far the scams have targeted Marilyn Denis, Tracy Moore, Cheryl Hickey, Tanya Kim, Dina Pugliese and Melissa Grelo who are all Canadian TV personalities. The worst part is that these women's fans are actually falling for it. Tracy Moore, the host of Cityline, said that even her parents called asking why she left her job after seeing one of these fake ads. 

While the fake ads seem to be not a huge deal, they do have a major impact. Not only are celebrities images and reputations being damaged, but Canadian customers are being tricked into buying potentially dangerous products that they think are tied to their favourite celebrities. 

The worst part is the government isn't doing anything about it. While in the US they began cracking down on similar schemes in 2017 from a federal level, Canada hasn't done a lot. Instead, the women and their broadcasters are being forced to just go to the police on their own. 

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Some people, like Cheryl Hickey who has also been a victim of the scams, also suggest that there is misogyny at play when it comes to how the scams are being handled. When a similar fake endorsement happened to Kevin O'Leary in the past, the government was quick to respond with a public investor alert. 

As Hickey, who is a host on ET Canada said, “Someone needs to be held accountable at some point. I think it would be a much bigger deal if this was happening to men and their brands." 

Source: National Post

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