With the new federal budget that was released on Tuesday, a variety of funds and initiatives have been highlighted for the upcoming year. Among these new initiatives are improving housing affordability and lowering interest on student loans. The Liberal Government has also proposed to invest over $1 billion to increase border security in attempts to crack down on asylum seekers. 

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The 2019 federal budget is allotting $1.18 billion to border security with two main goals in mind. The government first wants to strengthen the border security that is already in place. By adding more resources it will ensure that the border is able to process claims much more quickly than they have been able to in the past. 

The second focus of the 2019 federal budget funding is to speed up the processing of asylum claims. With more than 40,000 asylum seekers crossing over into Canada from the US border in the past year and a half, the government wishes to ensure that the asylum system is quick, fair, and effective. 

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Minister Bill Morneau spoke out about the new budget during a press conference at the Toronto Region Board of Trade and mentioned the changes that he is expecting from this funding saying, "that money is put there in order to ensure we have appropriate border security approached but also improve the processing speed for immigration Canada,". 

Morneau stated that with this new funding, it can be expected that immigration Canada will be able to process asylum claims at a much quicker rate. This will ensure that the government will be able to move those who have claimed false asylum back to where they were travelling from, or to deal with those who are seeking asylum in a "compassionate and rapid way,". 

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The budget claims that removing asylum seekers who have entered the country irregularly will be one of their top priorities in the upcoming year. 

Along with this budget, the federal government is also allotting $45 million to create a new anti-racism strategy and to stop the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment. 

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You can view the entire 2019 Federal budget here. 

Source: CBC News 

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