You're never going to believe the craziest "Fast and Furious" car chase story that just happened in Nova Scotia, Canada. The RCMP is accusing a 20-year-old man of speeding up to 200 km/h in Waverley, Nova Scotia and ignoring orders to pull over. 

This story is literally a scene out of "The Fast and The Furious". A young man, Marshall Ellis, is accused of blowing past officers, dodging their attempts to stop him while he took his Camaro out for a joy ride.

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Police say that the Chevrolet Camaro was first spotted on Highway 102 in Waverley, speeding at 200 km/h, where the speed limit is 100-110 km/h. An officer attempted to pull him over, but he didn't stop and evaded the police. 

Another officer spotted the Camaro shortly after in Bedford, where he was travelling at 192 km/h through a school zone. Police set up a roadblock to try and stop the vehicle, but the driver narrowly slipped through their roadblock and continued speeding down the road. The driver also allegedly crossed the solid median line into the oncoming lane to pass. 

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Officers finally caught up with the vehicle at a gas station approximately 15 minutes after the chase began. Marshall Ellis has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and flight from police. He was also ticketed for having expired registration and operating a motor vehicle without a liability policy. 

Source: CTV News

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