It's no secret that Canada's National Parks are some of the most gorgeous in the world. Though in past years they haven't been a free activity for Canadians. From paying for parking to admission into the parks, it can get pretty pricey to explore Canada's most beautiful natural wonders.

However if you love adventuring through some of the gorgeous scenic spots Canada has to offer there's some maybe good news for you. A new rule that was planned two years ago, and is now finally coming into effect might have you reaching for a fake I.D. 

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The announcement was made Tuesday that all national parks in Canada would be made free for kids, anybody under 18. So for the first time probably ever, there are a lot of 18+ Canadians looking for a fake I.D to gain the discount. 

This comes after last Summer when national parks, marine conservation areas and all historical sites boasted free admission in celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary. So if you are under 18, you'll be happy to know that if you missed out last year, you can still get the exact same discount under you depart from adulthood! 

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If you are over 18 and bummed out, don't worry! Adults usually get charged $10 admission, but considering the priceless views you get to see it really isn't a bad investment!

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