Vegans and vegetarians, you're under attack. Well, at least your wallet is. Because fresh produce and restaurant meals are about to get pricier in 2018. 

Researchers from Dalhousie and Guelph universities just published Canada's Food Price Report and their findings are sad, sad news for vegans, vegetarians or just anyone who loves their greens. 

According to the report, fresh produce and food prices at restaurants are forecasted to increase by about 4-6 per cent next year, while the price of dairy, meat and fish will see a minimal increase of about 0-2 per cent in 2018. 

So why the impact to fresh produce? Wasn't a vegetarian diet supposed to be an affordable food option? Well the researchers attributed to the considerable increase the cost of produce to due to dry weather conditions and the La Nina weather system happening across North America.

And yet while the cost of produce continues to climb into next year, people are continuing to dine out now more than ever, with the report stating that the average Canadian family will spend 30 per cent of its food budget in food services this year, making that the highest number in history.

Restaurants seem to be aware of the fact that more people are dining out and are taking this opportunity to jack up their prices almost nationwide. "Demand is going up and restaurants feel that they are able to increase price points on menus," said Sylvain Charlebois, the lead author of the report and a professor at Dalhousie University.

Source: CBC

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